Fall Decor on a Budget

Happy Fall! There’s not much I love more than the end-of-year holidays. Perhaps the commercialism of it all has pulled a fast one on me, but I am a sucker for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I love the nostalgia and the new memories to be made, the togetherness the holidays envoke, and the decorations. Gosh, … More Fall Decor on a Budget

Welcome to New York

Growing up, I always wanted to visit New York City. I visited family in Upstate New York several times as a kid and I loved everything about it, from the changing of the trees in the Fall to the fresh air to the deer that freely wandered in my grandparents’ yard. I always longed to … More Welcome to New York

My Hair Journey

For many years, I was the only redhead in my entire family. That has since changed (yay!), but it was a bit of a shock to my parents when I was born. How could a blonde mother and a brunette father produce a child with strawberry-colored hair? Well, of course I learned how in my … More My Hair Journey