Fall Decor on a Budget

Happy Fall!

There’s not much I love more than the end-of-year holidays. Perhaps the commercialism of it all has pulled a fast one on me, but I am a sucker for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I love the nostalgia and the new memories to be made, the togetherness the holidays envoke, and the decorations. Gosh, do I love the decorations.

I consider myself to be a bargain shopper when necessary, especially when it comes to items that aren’t used every day. So when it comes to holiday decorations, I always keep to a budget. You might think that would make finding nice holiday decorations a challenge, but it’s quite the opposite! As long as you know where to look and what you really need, you can easily decorate your home for the holidays with a tight budget.

Here’s how I decorated our apartment this year for Fall, with every item costing under $10:

I hope you find these tips helpful when it comes to decorating your own home for Fall on a budget. Of course, there is no shame in spending more money on decorations and I highly encourage it if you’re able. But if you’re like me, living in a smaller space with a tighter spending limit, I hope you can find my tips resourceful.


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