How I Clean My ALEX AND ANI Bangles


Hi, my name is Ciara. And I am obsessed with ALEX AND ANI.

I was gifted my first set of bangles about five years ago by my mother-in-law. Just a simple beaded bangle and bangle with a charm of my first initial. Those two pieces are all it took for the addiction to set in. With the various charms and styles available, I’ve come to love collecting ALEX AND ANI jewelry.

Recently, they’ve introduced partnerships with Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, strengthening my love for the brand just as they’ve raised prices from $28 per bangle to $34 – $39 per bangle. My only issue with this price hike is the quality of the bangles has not reflected the increase in cost. If you’ve ever owned an ALEX AND ANI bracelet, then you know that the metal begins to tarnish fairly quickly. For $28, this was a bummer but acceptable. Now that bangles are costing much more than the original sales price, it feels problematic that they haven’t addressed this issue other than offering a polishing cloth for an additional fee.

However, I still love their designs. So I set out to find a way to clean my bangles and extend their life.

For a couple years, I’ve used their polishing cloth to tackle the tarnishing problem, but I found that the cloth doesn’t do a good enough job. So I searched for another method to make them look close to brand new again. That’s when I came across Bar Keepers Friend.

This soft cleanser removes rust, lime, stains, and tarnish. It’s meant for cookware, kitchens, and bathrooms, but I thought it might be the golden ticket when it came to my tarnished jewelry. And I was right!


Here’s how I cleaned my bangles:

  • First, I cleaned each bangle with the polishing cloth, to remove as much tarnish as possible before washing with Bar Keepers Friend.
  • Next, I laid out two towels: one for hand-drying each bangle and one to stack them on afterward.
  • I used a brand new sponge and wet the soft side with water before applying a generous amount of cleanser.
  • For about 30 seconds to a minute, I gently scrubbed one bangle with the soapy, soft side of the sponge. Once it looked like most of the tarnish was gone, I rinsed in warm water and dried the bangle before cleaning the next.
  • I generously added more cleanser to the sponge as needed. For me, this was after cleaning two to three bangles.

Please note: because I own close to 30 bangles, this process did take me about 45 minutes total.


Even in photos taken on an iPhone in half-decent lighting, there is a noticeable difference in the bangles before and after being cleaned with Bar Keepers Friend. Pictured below are two of my oldest bangles with the most amount of tarnish.


These older bangles don’t look 100% clean, but I am extremely happy with how much better they look after I used Bar Keepers Friend. The polishing cloth could never remove the same amount of grime.

While I’m sure ALEX AND ANI does not endorse this method of cleaning their products, it’s something that works for me and I hope it will work for you, too. Let me know if you give this method a try! I’d love to hear about your results.


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