Spark at First Sight

Today Michael and I are celebrating six years together. Six long, adventurous, beautiful years. When most couples get married, it becomes the “thing” to stop celebrating dating anniversaries and only celebrate the weddings ones. But I’ve never been one to agree with that way of thinking—Mike and I put in the work, why should we ignore those pivotal years before we said “I do?”

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, being raised on Disney movies and the like, but I haven’t necessarily believed in love at first sight. I mean, it takes more than just looks and locking eyes on someone to know they are “the one.” I do, however, believe in a spark. A feeling. Like you’ve known this stranger your whole life despite just meeting them for the first time. That’s exactly what I had with Mike, when he struck up a conversation in Spanish class in college six and a half years ago, and that spark has never left.

Sure, we have our moments. Every couple does. We bicker, we pick on each other, we take jokes too personally. But in the depths of those moments, we have never stopped looking at each other with love. Relationships take work, real work. It’s not sunshine and daisies all the time. But I think it’s important that you do feel love, all the time. Even during our toughest times, I knew we’d be okay because we both love each other enough to be okay.

Maybe love at first sight exists, maybe it doesn’t. But love with Michael has taught me that a spark at first sight exists. A spark that leads to friendship, that leads to a partnership, that leads to a beautiful marriage. A spark that leads to six years and counting.

Here’s to hoping you find that spark too.


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