Woven Words Home: Dining Room

Due to the configuration of our previous apartment, a dining room was something we lived without for 10 months. I never realized how sad this would make me until I spent more time at other homes with beautiful dining spaces. All we had was a breakfast bar, one that wasn’t even level (I don’t know how that construction got approved), and a couple of wobbly IKEA bar stools. Needless to say, mealtimes were never a big affair in our last place. And we rarely hosted people over because of this limitation.

But now we’re back to living in a home with a designated dining space and I’m so excited to reveal it! I’ve taken a lot of pride in making this room cozy and inviting, most especially since this is our first time having a dining room in almost a year. Like every other room in our apartment, I wanted to make sure the dining room was comfortable enough to spend time in. And after compiling pieces from Target, Home Goods, and Rugs USA, it feels complete and fit for sharing memories over a home cooked meal 🙂

dining room 7

dining room 5

dining room 4

dining 7

dining room 1

Shelves | Dining chairs | Rug | Dining Table | Floral arrangements | Bar Cart

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