Woven Words Home: Kitchen

Growing up, I didn’t help my parents much with cooking. If I was in the kitchen, it was to help with dishes or grab another glass of milk. So I didn’t fully appreciate the importance of a kitchen layout until I lived on my own five years ago. And I sure as heck didn’t learn to cook until I met Michael. You’re talking to the girl who called up her best friend, because she wasn’t sure how to follow the instructions on a package of ramen. Until a few years ago, the only cooking I had mastered in my life was making toast and oatmeal, and I felt really proud of that. If the old me could see current me, now, I think she’d die of shock.

Now that I feel comfortable working in the kitchen, my desire to decorate has come to life. When we moved from our last apartment—with a tiny, older kitchen—to our current apartment—with a larger and renovated kitchen—it was my goal to create a cozy, clean, and warm space. A space that would feel less like an obligation and more like a room I wanted to spend time in. And after months of collecting little things here and there, we finally have a complete kitchen 🙂

kitchen 8

kitchen 7

Little details, like our fox salt and pepper shakers and our spoon rest, add a whimsical touch to our stove top.

kitchen 4

This coffee nook is my favorite spot in the kitchen, if not in the entire apartment. We collect a ton of mugs and they barely fit on our cabinets, so this nook is great for showing off the ones we can’t tuck away.

kitchen 6

kitcken 2

Most of our kitchen decor was purchased through Target and Home Goods. This recipe box was only $5 at Target! I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend buckets of money on designing your home to fit your personal style. You just have to shop around and browse through different stores before making a big purchase. I always wait for a sale or I save coupons that can be used on the more expensive items. But the biggest piece of advice I can offer? Embrace the space you’re in. Narrow the list of items you want down to what you need and what will fit in the kitchen you currently have. If you live in a rented home, like us, you know you’re limited on what you will be able to do to each room. Pinterest is a great resource for decorating small or rented spaces on a budget!

I also draw a lot of inspiration from New Darlings, who have a section of their blog dedicated to home decor. They’ve covered decorating their various apartments in Phoenix, as well as the renovation process for their first home. Most of my tips, tricks, and personal style has come from them, so I highly recommend browsing through their blog!

I love living in a home that is clean and not too cluttered, but still reflects our personal style. You’ll find that applies not only to our kitchen, but to the rest of our apartment. The other rooms are slowly coming together, so stay tuned for more home updates! 🙂


kitchen 1

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