Date Night: Rooftop Cinema Club

I’m the kind of girl who is perfectly content to kick it at home with her loved one. Give me Netflix, a pair of cozy pajamas, some snacks, and I am all in for a long day on the couch. There’s something special about being able to enjoy doing absolutely nothing with your partner. But I can’t deny it… There’s something special about date night, too.

rooftop cinema 6

With Mike’s busy work schedule, we haven’t had as many days off together as we used to. Lately when we see each other, we’re using our free time to run errands, do household chores, and catch up on our weekly shows (not to mention, spoiling the cat). After all of this, there’s been very little time left for us to go out—which is just fine, as we’re happy to be spending time together no matter what we’re doing. But this schedule of ours means a night out is a very race occurrence for us.

So imagine my surprise when, a couple weeks ago, Mike told me he’d bought us tickets to watch a rooftop movie in Downtown Los Angeles. Date night on the town? I was thrilled we’d have a chance to get dressed up and spend some time together, away from the couch 🙂

rooftop cinema 5


Before our movie showing, we stopped for happy hour drinks and appetizers at The Stocking Frame. The bar opened up to an indoor/outdoor patio area, providing us with the perfect spot to people-watch while we sipped on cocktails. I ordered the Mini Skirt (raspberry-mint Bellini, french bubbles) and Mike ordered a Denim Vest (an old fashioned). Both drinks we’re delicious and gave us a good buzz, and we were just as pleased with the food we ordered. The French Fried Parmesan Fingerlings were decent but tasted like they were missing a little something, and the Mesquite Smoked Pastrami Tacos were phenomenal. We really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of the restaurant and wouldn’t hesitate to stop by The Stocking Frame again. Plus, it was only a couple blocks away from the movie venue. Score!

Mike purchased our tickets through Rooftop Cinema Club, a company that screens iconic films on (you guessed it) a rooftop. When you purchase tickets online through their site, you receive a pair of wireless headphones, a deckchair to sit in, and a drink at the venue. They also provide blankets, should you need one. We opted for the “loveseat,” a double-wide deckchair intended for couples to share. Although the chairs were comfortable, I didn’t feel like we had enough room for the two of us to stretch out on the loveseat. I would recommend purchasing individual seats for your first showing, before deciding if a loveseat deckchair is right for you.

Because Rooftop Cinema Club doesn’t have a liquor license, alcoholic drinks cannot be purchased at the venue. This seemed to create an issue with guests who tried to purchase more drinks than the one that came with the online ticket purchase. While this was a bummer, I did see many people bringing in their own food and drink. I’m not sure if there are any restrictions as to what outside beverages can be brought in, but bags were not checked beforehand. I think alcohol can be easily smuggled in 😉

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rooftop cinema 3

The movie wasn’t set to start until after sunset, so Mike and I used the free time we had to enjoy the view of Downtown from the rooftop. It was an overcast and drizzly day in Southern California, but I imagine that the view of the city on a clear night is spectacular. The lounge area was great for cozying up while sipping our drinks, and I was extremely grateful to the fire pit—it was cold and windy that high up! I definitely missed the mark on the dress code for this type of setting.

rooftop cinema 8

The movie of the night? La La Land. And it brought in a full house. Neither of us had seen the movie during its run in theaters, so we were excited to decide for ourselves if it earned all those awards. And I must say, I was impressed. I had gotten the gist of the story line from comments and reviews I read online, but I still found myself surprised at times. I felt it perfectly captured the feeling of falling in love, and going through the ups and downs of life and relationships. And that ending. It stuck with me for a few days and I find myself unable to listen to the soundtrack without tearing up over it. Even Mike said he liked the movie, despite his initial aversion to it.

Plus, watching a movie that takes place in Los Angeles in Los Angeles? It made the experience a little more fun and relatable. I lost track of how many times I thought to myself “Oh! I’ve been there!” as I was watching it. Lately I’ve been on the fence about whether I’m enjoying living in LA or not, and this movie definitely reminded me that there is a lot about this city that makes it a wonderful place to call home.

Date night was fun and romantic, and the best part was getting to make new memories with my love. This was our first experience with Rooftop Cinema Club and it was a pleasant one. I’m sure we’ll be partaking in another event this summer. My only regret of the night was forgetting to ask a stranger to take a picture of Mike and me together, to commemorate the evening. I guess we’ll have to do better next time! 😉

What’s your favorite date night activity? I’d love to hear and take suggestions!


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