One Year with Nym!


On this day last Summer, Mike and I woke up and decided to visit the San Diego Humane Society. After four years of talking about adopting a pet together, the big moment had finally arrived. A week prior to this, I had visited the kitten nursery at SDHS with a girlfriend, who had insisted for months that a cat would be perfect for us. It was this visit, and being able to see the kittens in person, that made up my mind.

We were ready for this new adventure. We were ready to provide a forever home.

When we checked in at the Humane Society reception desk, we were told it could be a couple hours before an adoption counselor was available to meet with us. Mike and I used this time to observe the few dozen kittens in the nursery. Having wanted a black cat since I first watched Sailor Moon and Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a kid, I had my eyes set on the teeny midnight-colored kittens while Mike was more focused on the felines that would respond to his coos. At one point, he motioned towards a small, gray kitten with a swollen, yellow belly and said “Let’s get that one, I think it’s sick.” Of course I said no. If the cat was sick, how would we afford to take care of it? We weren’t even sure we could afford to take care of a kitten that was healthy.

Alas, a half hour later the gray kitten with the swollen stomach was sitting on my lap and hissing at any other cat that came close to us. Without a doubt, we had settled on the new addition to our little family. And as for the condition of her stomach? Nym had been spayed earlier that morning! She wasn’t sick at all, she just needed a little love during the healing process. And we were ready to give her all of ours.

one year 5

Every day since we brought Nymeria home a year ago has been a blessing. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we have a cat; something we dreamed of for so long is no longer a dream, but a reality. And while there are moments, especially at five am, when I get frustrated with Nym’s never-ending curiosity and energy—I wouldn’t trade life with her for anything. She’s given me a reason to smile and laugh every single day, no matter how depressed or upset I may be feeling otherwise. She’s taught me how to be patient, how to care for another living being, how to live in the moment, and how to love unconditionally. Nym is probably the closest thing I will ever have to a child and I’m thankful every day for my fur baby, companion, and forever friend.

If adding a pet to your family is a major step you’ve been considering, I fully encourage it! It’s huge responsibility to take care of an animal, so I wouldn’t recommend going into this commitment without a lot of thought and research, but I promise it will be worth it in the end. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you were able to give a forever home to an animal in need of a family. And with that comes the very important “Adopt, Don’t Shop” ideology, which I cannot stress enough. The Humane Society has a list of reasons why it’s best to always adopt a pet over shopping for one through breeders. I strongly urge everyone to take this into consideration when deciding to bring home a pet.

one year 1

Today we’re celebrating Nymeria’s adoption with lots of cuddles, playtime, and tuna! Only the best for our little Nym Nym 🙂



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