Life Updates

I’m back! And it feels great. Have you missed me? 😉

What was meant to be a short writing break turned into a month-plus hiatus. I really needed the month of May to clear my head and refocus on my goals, and it helped a ton to step away from the blog for a while. I was beginning to focus too much on what other bloggers were doing to be successful, instead of focusing on what feels right for Woven Words. I never started this blog with the intent to become internet famous or make money off it (although, I wouldn’t complain about getting paid to do what I love). Throughout April I was stressing over the quality of my photos, the types of posts I was creating, the type of content I needed to create in the future, and boosting my Instagram engagement. All with the purpose of becoming an overnight sensation. Yeah, I’m eye-rolling at myself too.

All this stress, over the wrong things for me.

Now, I’m feeling less pressure to turn this blog into something it wasn’t meant to be. I have a ton of ideas up my sleeve and going forward I’m going to make sure those ideas will satisfy my creative spirit, not just the spirit of internet consumers. And I cannot wait to share my ideas with all of you! So thank you for taking this journey with me. For reading my posts, providing feedback, and staying with me at every bump in the road. I couldn’t do any of this without the support.

So what else have I been up to since my last post? Well, May was a very busy month for me! I didn’t have a single free weekend, something I surprisingly enjoyed. Mike and I visited Disneyland for three days before converting our tickets into Annual Passes; it feels great to be part of the magic again. We also went on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood, where I fulfilled my dream of stepping into Stars Hollow. Every Gilmore Girls fan needs to add this tour to their bucket list ASAP. I also rediscovered my love of crafting, which resulted into two knitted beanies, one work-in-progress Ravenclaw scarf (more about that to come!), three pairs of floral Mickey ears (DIY post coming next!), and two race medal displays that I’m finishing up. I didn’t read as much as I wanted, but I finally had a chance to devour Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and I loved it.

But the biggest thing I did this month was begin training for my summer job as a Site Assistant and Teacher with Destination Science, a summer camp for kids! The goal of DS is to get kids engaged with science while also teaching them life skills. It’s high energy and jam-packed with a ton of cool experiments for the kids to do. I’m really excited for this new journey in my career, but even more excited not to be stuck at home all summer break. I will miss sleeping in on weekdays, though!

Those are all the updates I have for now, but I look forward to sharing more soon! Now I’m off to my Sunday ritual of reviewing my planner and watching a few episodes of Downton Abbey. And drinking lots and lots of coffee 🙂



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