Favorite Things: March 2017

“…These are a few of my favorite things.”

The month of April will be upon us tomorrow, and it feels like March passed in the blink of an eye. I say that a lot, don’t I? 🙂 Every day I wait for time to slow down just a tad, but here we are, well on our way through the first quarter of 2017.

I didn’t do much reading or Netflix watching this month, so I thought I would end March with a new series: posts detailing my favorite things from each month. I’m always finding something new that I’m obsessed with and want to share with everyone I know—but I don’t want to be a constant nag who blows up your phone every day with my newest discovery that you just have to check out. So this seems like the best way to get the word out: by compiling my favorite things in one place.

So without further ado:

  1. I recently came across U.K. blogger Dominique, who runs the fashion and lifestyle blog All That Is She. She recently made available an e-book which details how to boost your engagement on Instagram. It’s a great read for business accounts or anyone looking to generate better engagement on their social media.
  2. I also discovered The Grayscale, a female-run website that posts about a myriad of things ranging from travel to politics to fashion and entertainment. I’m all over the monthly book reviews!
  3. This month my television was occupied by three shows: This Is Us, which you can watch for free on NBC online; Penny Dreadful, a provocative and thrilling Showtime original series featuring classic horror characters, such as Frankenstein’s creature and Dracula; and Downton Abbey, my latest binge. These shows cater to different tastes and stem from different genres, but they do have one thing in common: they are amazingly well-written. It’s worth your time to check them out!
  4. Wedding plans have not only taken over my life, but my social media feeds as well. I stumbled upon The Mrs Box on Instagram when I opened up a gorgeous photo of an engagement ring in a little velvet box. I’ll definitely be getting one of these timeless boxes for my wedding day.
  5. The water in our apartment building was temporarily shut off last week for maintenance, so Mike and I spent one afternoon exploring Hollywood. We grabbed lunch at The Carving Board, and the French Onion Grilled Cheese was to die for. We can’t wait to go back and try their other sandwiches.
  6. Are you running out of storage space on your phone? Is it because you hoard pictures, like me? Then the Google Photos app is a must. It works like an external hard drive, so you can backup your photos from your device and have them stored away—for free. The best part is you can access them on your computer, easy peasy. No more headaches from trying to get your photos transferred to clear up space. Thanks for telling me about this one, Mom!
  7. Refinery29 is news and media website, where you will find information that is both inclusive and current to the times. I love to follow their Instagram account; throughout the month of February, they posted daily facts about Black History Month and did the same throughout March for Women’s History Month. This site is a must for kick ass feminists looking to stay informed.
  8. I have a major sweet tooth and one of my favorite indulgences are macarons. Not to be confused with macaroons, macarons are a meringue-based French pastry.Ladurée is a luxury bakery in France, home to some of the best macarons available. They recently opened a location at The Grove in Los Angeles, and I was thrilled when I found I could enjoy one of their desserts without having to travel across continents. The lemon and coffee flavors are my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any choice you make.

And there you have it for the month of March! I’d love to hear more about your favorite things, so feel free to tell me in the comments below.

Hope your April gets off to a good start—but beware of Fool’s Day pranks 😉


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