Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Every day we get a step closer to our wedding in November and every day I feel like there is something else we need to do to prepare. We’ve gathered addresses and mailed our Save the Dates, the bridesmaid dresses are taken care of, and we’re starting to gather all the decorations we need. There’s so much that’s been done and yet there is so much left to do! And I’m happy to say that I am still enjoying every single second of the wedding planning process 🙂

From the very beginning, Mike and I have been in agreeance that the one area of our wedding we refuse to settle and do for cheap is our photography. The pictures captured on our wedding day are going to be treasured in our household, something we will continue to look back on and show off. So when it came time to book our vendors, we tackled finding our wedding photographer with care.

I previously talked a lot about why we chose Taylor Kinzie Photography. She specializes in natural light, which we adore, and during our first meeting with Taylor she exuded the perfect mix of professionalism and warmth. If the person you plan on booking for your wedding day isn’t naturally curious about your relationship, your plans, or your vision, run.

Just kidding! But seriously, consider your other options before signing on the dotted line.

At the beginning of the month, we had our engagement session with Taylor in Agoura Hills, at Paramount Ranch and Peter Strauss Ranch. Per Taylor’s advice, we went with two looks: one dressy-casual and one dressy. While it’s up to you and your partner to decide on the number of outfit changes you’d like for your session, I’d recommend two. A little variety is nice, and you can better show off your personal style this way.


Mike isn’t very comfortable in front of a camera, and I’ll admit I was also a little nervous going into this shoot. But Taylor made the experience very fun and comfortable, so we felt relaxed fairly quickly after she started shooting. She gave us direction with each pose, making it easy for us to maneuver around one another. And hearing her sweet words of encouragement and enthusiasm was really uplifting.

I don’t believe this experience should be limited to just us. Every couple should feel at ease around their wedding photographer. If you feel awkward and standoffish around them, it’s going to translate on camera. Plus, this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing! Your memories of the moment should be happy ones, so choose a photographer as carefully as you chose your life partner 😉

When we booked Taylor, we were immediately excited to have her as an integral part of our wedding day. And now that we’ve had the chance to work with her, that feeling has increased tenfold. So when it comes time for you to make this big decision, make sure your choice reflects how you want this special moment to be represented—both in pictures and in your memories.

And because we just love them so much, here are more photos from our engagement session!







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