Galentine’s Day: Celebrating Women

Happy Galentine’s Day! You might be thinking to yourself, Galentine’s Day? What’s that? Well, the concept behind the unofficial holiday originated on the television show Parks and Rec. Leslie Knope, one of the main characters, gathers together on February 13th with her females friends and they celebrate each other. Ladies celebrating ladies, as it’s put.

Although I haven’t watched much of the series (I know, I’m going to get to it one day!), the second I heard about this holiday I was all over it. I am a strong believer in abandoning this culture of women hating women and, instead, empowering my fellow women. Women are beautiful, strong, weak, emotional, complex, difficult, easy going, and just about every other trait you can think of. We are awesome and we should be celebrated as such, especially by each other.

I encourage you to take today to reach out to those amazing women in your life. Let them know why you love them and why they mean the world to you. Spread that love and appreciation to strangers while you’re out and about today. And make an effort to stop hating on other women and putting them down just for being a woman. We are special both in the ways we are alike and different from each other, so celebrate that today and every day! Let it unite us, instead of divide us.

I am so appreciative of the female relationships I have in my life. The women I am surrounded by have taught me valuable lessons in what it means to be both a human being and a woman. From my mother and grandmother, to my sister, my aunts, cousins and other relatives, and my soon to be in-laws, to my friends and even my “enemies”—they all empower me through their stories. And I know I am a better person because I am a part of their stories as much as they are a part of mine. Today, I celebrate that.

I wanted to include a few quotes I’ve saved on my Pinterest, ones that I found to be inspiring and uplifting, particularly on a day such as this. And I hope that you will find inspiration from them, too.

Much love and girl power,









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