Christmas Cards with Shutterfly

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending Christmas cards to family and friends. Long before I’ve thought about putting up decorations and listening to festive music, I’ve thought about the current year’s Christmas card. Usually I opt for buying a pack of sparkly cards from Target or Hallmark and throwing in a picture of Mike and I. This year, I finally broke and decided to order a set from Shutterfly. And I’m so glad I did!


I had this vision in my head of taking a family photo in front of our tree and decorated mantle. And my friend Alyssa was kind enough to indulge me in this by taking pictures for us. Here are some of my favorites:




Nym was a little restless during our photo shoot, so we didn’t get as many with her as we would have liked. But we did manage to capture her attention for a few seconds, with the help of ribbon (she can be such a cat sometimes). Overall, I love how our photos turned out, as I think they capture the love we share for one another and the holiday season.

I’m also very pleased with our Shutterfly order and won’t hesitate to use them again next holiday. They offer deals weekly, so there’s plenty of opportunity to skip on paying full price. My only advice? Make sure you order your shipment with plenty of time before you need it–shipping can take about two weeks.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Let me know! I’d love to read about how you enjoy celebrating the end of the year.






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