Six Months with Nymeria

On this day six months ago, Mike and I adopted Nymeria from the San Diego Humane Society and welcomed her home. It’s hard to believe how fast those six months flew by. At times it feels like Nym has only been with us for a few weeks; we often stare at her in amazement and think “we actually have a cat!” At other times it feels like she’s been part of the family forever, because she fits into our lifestyle with ease. Nymeria completes our trio perfectly and we feel truly blessed by her presence.


Nym is now 8 months old, but she hasn’t quite lost that kitten side of her personality yet. She is still very much a curious cat and, with the holidays in full swing, the Christmas tree has fully captured her attention. She continues to sleep with us in bed every night, and wakes us up by sitting on our chests and demanding affection.

Nym loves to hide behind the blinds, follow us to every room (especially the bathroom), sit with me while I do my makeup and sit with Mike while he shaves, and play with our toes underneath the bed sheets. Most importantly though, she loves having her back scratched while she eats from her food bowl. Each day with Nym is never short of entertainment!

nymeria-6As Nymeria continues to grow, we continue to love her stronger and more deeply than we thought possible. I could go on forever about how much she has touched our lives, but I know this post needs to be wrapped up some day so I won’t. However, when Mike and I were reflecting on our time with Nymeria a few days ago, I asked if he wanted to write something about how she has changed his life since her adoption day. And he kindly agreed.

Without further ado, here is Mike’s take on life with Nymeria over the last six months:

My family never had a dog or cat in the house when I was growing up. Our family dog Amy passed when I was 3 or 4 years old, and I made it known to my parents every year after that all I wanted for Christmas was a dog. I must have asked them for the same Christmas (and birthday) present for 15 years, and my dad would always tell me the same thing, “when you move out, you can have as many dogs as you want.” His message was clear, but it didn’t stop me from asking. 

As Ciara and I started dating, we talked constantly about getting a dog and/or a cat for a pet, what we would name them, what breed, what color, where they would sleep, how we would take embarrassing holiday photos with them (which we finally made a reality this year!), and much more. When we would be able to get our first pet together was a mutual dream we shared and worked towards. 

Fast forward 4 years, and we picked up Nymeria from the San Diego Humane Society.

She has been a blessing in more ways than one. My idea of a pet growing up was very rudimentary; I wanted a friend that I could play with and take for walks. I wanted someone that would be there when I got home to have fun with, and would never be too busy for me. Nymeria is everything I hoped for in a pet growing up, she always greets me when I walk in the door, plays constantly, follows me from room to room, sleeps right next to Ciara and I every night, sits and stares at me while I shave every morning. She’s the best friend around. And nap partner (we both love to sleep).

What I didn’t realize growing up is just how much living with an animal would change who I am. Nymeria is something perfect in a world of full of imperfections. She truly is a ray of sunshine, a light in the dark, or whatever cheesy saying you want to use, she (and all animals) are that. She helps me to grow as an individual daily by teaching me patience, perseverance, love, affection, responsibility and more. The animals in our lives are so much more than “pets.” I may have realized this late in life, but I cannot be more thankful for having her as a companion in my life. 

It is a sad thought to me that humans have bred and manipulated certain animals into becoming house pets, that we have imprisoned free spirits and beings for our own enjoyment. It is a sobering thought I dwell on when with Nymeria, but I can’t change how she got to this life she is in. All I can do is give her the most I can, to be perfect for her, like she is for me.


Call us cat crazy or whatever you like, but we are wild about Nym and couldn’t be more happy to share that with the world. Here’s to another six months with our baby, and a million more after that. I’m sure she’ll continue to keep us on our toes and our hearts growing bigger with love.





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