Weekend Treats at Porto’s

Back in October, shortly after the move to Pasadena, I had the chance to experience Porto’s Bakery and Cafe for the first time. I went having had no prior knowledge of Porto’s, as difficult as that might be to believe of someone living in Southern California. A friend of mine quickly made sure to remedy this problem!

For those who haven’t heard of or eaten at Porto’s before, it is a Cuban bakery with a very family-oriented back story. Potato Balls and Cheese Rolls are fan favorites, but the wide variety of pastries and sandwiches will leave your mouth watering just as much. Rosa, the matriarch of the family behind the bakery, has a motto of “quality is the number one ingredient in everything we do.” And if you’ve visited Porto’s Bakery and Cafe before, you know that great quality is never lacking in your order.

I’m particularly fond of the Cubano sandwich and Michael really enjoyed his Pan con lechon (Roasted Pork sandwich). The bread has a perfect amount of crunch! The Mariquitas (plantain chips) that come on the side are amazing. Seriously, do yourself a favor and order extra, because they are too delicious to stop eating. The iced chai I ordered to drink was the perfect accompaniment to our meal, but if you prefer something else to satisfy your thirst, the options range from coffees to smoothies to fresh orange juice. If Porto’s does one thing right, it’s presenting a lot of options; there’s always something for everyone.

Mike and I try our best not to eat out, partly to save money and partly to maintain healthy eating habits. But this past weekend seemed like a great time to treat ourselves to a lunch date on the town. We enjoyed each others company over a delicious meal, followed by a walk around the block before making headway on our Christmas shopping over at the Glendale Galleria. I feel so grateful for these moments we get to spend with one another, over great food and great conversation.

So if you find yourself in Burbank, Glendale, or Downey, don’t hesitate to stop in Porto’s. You really can’t go wrong with anything you choose to indulge in. Don’t live in Southern California? Consider Porto’s Bakery and Cafe a must on your list of things to do when you visit. I’m already dreaming of the day I can snack on another Potato Ball and Cheese Roll.


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