Home for the Holidays–Decorating on a Budget

Happy December 1st! I may have been listening to Christmas music on KOST for the last three weeks, and I may have already decorated around the house, but I am fully embracing the holiday season starting today. I’ve got my seasonal mugs ready to be filled with hot chocolate and my Christmas DVD collection on standby. The next 25 days will be jammed packed with an endless amount of cheer and I couldn’t be happier 🙂


This is not the first year I’ll be celebrating Christmas away from my childhood home, but I didn’t have a large stockpile of decorations on hand from previous years of living by myself. So I decided to add more to our collection this year. My only challenge? Fitting more Christmas decorations into our very limited budget.

Fortunately, the items I already had on hand were a great starting point: a fake tree for the living room, a fake tree for my dresser, a few Disney ornaments, and lights. These are things that would have cost us more money than we’d be willing to spend, and I’m thankful we are lucky enough to avoid going over budget to accommodate my holiday-decor aspirations. Have I mentioned Christmas is my favorite holiday? Or that I have a tendency to go all-out with the celebrating? I’ve learned over the years how costly it can be to fuel this obsession, so I’ve set myself some limits as far as how much money I’m willing to spend towards the holidays this year.

So how did we manage to find affordable decorations to make our home feel holly jolly? Well, we took advantage of our three favorite stores: Costco, Target, and the Dollar Tree.

Coat hanger from World Market




During one of our errands to Costco, Mike and I came across a ton of new holiday items on display. One of the best deals was a pack of 50 ornaments for $19.99. How could we say no to such a great score? We chose the red and gold ornament collection, but they have a few other color combinations that are stunning enough to adorn any tree.

Target came in handy when we went in search of other household decorations. We were able to find stockings, stocking holders, and garland for under $30. Simple, yet spirited was our style inspiration when choosing how to spice up our mantle. Although the stocking holders were found in the dollar section of Target, do not be fooled by the price tag; they’re very sturdy and hold a decent amount of weight. Plus, they have a cute rustic vibe going on!

Our last stop was the ever-reliable Dollar Tree. This is our favorite store when we need to pick up household essentials, but it’s quickly turned into my favorite place to shop for decorations for every holiday (not just Christmas). We were able to find a new star to top off the tree, fake poinsettias to spice up the garland as well as our bathroom counter, fake mistletoe, and a beautiful., glittered “Merry Christmas” sign. These little touches went a long way to make our home feel cozy and cheerful this holiday.


Turning your abode into a winter wonderland doesn’t have to be expensive, nor should it be. There’s just no use breaking the bank on decorations that only see the light of day for a few weeks out of the year (unless you’re like me, and they see light for six weeks). And what may have worked for me might not necessarily work for you, so be sure to make smart choices when shopping this holiday season. Look out for discounts and deals before making that final purchase. Flip through the ads before throwing them away. Go through your emails before moving them to the junk folder. Most importantly, have fun while finding items that reflect your style! Don’t let the stress of decorating take away the enjoyment of the process.

Happy December everyone!


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