Tackling My Netflix Watch List: October 2016

Another month has come and gone, and I’m having a difficult time grasping that we are entering the holiday season. My Christmas list of gifts to give is growing day by day, and I’m excited to make that first purchase. But before I tackle that list, I’m going to give you the low down on Netflix titles that I successfully crossed off my Must-Watch list.

Sleepy Hollow

I’m a fan of Tim Burton’s movies (well, back in the day. Don’t get me started on the last 8 years or so), but surprisingly I had never watched Sleepy Hollow before. I wouldn’t consider this to be Johnny Depp at his best, but I enjoyed it well enough. I actually found myself frustrated by not being able to guess the culprit behind the Headless Horseman murders, so it was refreshing that the villain wasn’t too much of an obvious reveal. This movie was a good choice to put me in the Halloween spirit.

Amanda Knox

You’ve heard her name, no doubt. But have you heard her story? I’m sure you think you have. I thought I had. And after watching this documentary, I’m rather perplexed. Do I continue to believe what the media sensation regarding her case has lead the world to believe? Do I take Amanda’s word for it that she has nothing to do with the murder of her roommate? I just don’t know. It’s difficult to separate my bias towards believing that she really did do it, because that’s all I ever knew about this moment in history. I found this documentary to be fascinating, although at times a bit biased towards Amanda herself. But in the end, I think it tries to see all sides of the case without projecting any sort of bias at all. And it was a really captivating film to watch.


This is another instance where I find myself telling anyone and everyone to please watch this documentary. 13th is by far the most informative and eye-opening film I’ve watched to date. Throughout my education, not one history teacher ever spent time breaking down the 13th amendment and what it really means. I never knew there was a loophole. That’s where this film start off and it skyrockets from there. Sometimes I struggled to process the information and keep up, because this film covers a lot of information. But I don’t think it’s overwhelming and I do think it’s possible to keep up with it, because this movie covers vital information regarding the worst part of our history and current events. It’s fascinating, terrifying, sad, overwhelming, frustrating, enlightening, and so many other intense emotions. So please, watch this documentary.

Fixer Upper

Again, I’m way late here. Last winter I encountered a day where I couldn’t find anything “good” on the typical TV channels I watch so I put on HGTV. That was my first experience with Chip and Joanna Gaines. I fell in love with their show right off the bat, but didn’t really think about it much after that. They’ve been making a lot of headway lately, between their new magazine and book launches, plus I have a girlfriend who loves them–so I decided to commit to watching the show. Unfortunately Netflix is a season behind (aren’t they always?), but I enjoyed the first two seasons nonetheless. I’ve had nothing on the brain lately but planning our wedding and decorating our apartment, so this show has helped me obsess over one of those things. It’s also given me a yearning to visit Waco! Is that a symptom of Fixer Upper? I feel it must be.

Gilmore Girls (The last season)

Mike and I finally finished watching all of Gilmore Girls, just in time for the new episodes (24 more days!). I have a lot of thoughts about the series, how far we come and where I hope it goes from here, so I’ll be saving that for a separate post. But I will say this–the Gilmores continue to touch my heart and soul like they did when I was ten.


And that’s all for October. The one show that I watched this month and fell in love with (that’s not on Netflix) is NBC’s This is Us. You might have heard of it, but whether you have or haven’t, please go to their website and binge watch the first five episodes. It’s amazing and I predict that it’s going to be up for a lot of awards in the future. Just don’t forget the tissues when you watch!





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