What’s In My Bag?

Over the weekend, a miracle happened. One where I found myself in the right place at exactly the right time. I walked into the Kate Spade outlet during their 60% off sale with an additional 20% off all items. I’ve happened upon this sale once before, by accident, many moons ago so you can imagine both my joy and surprise at doing it again.

Purses are my one expensive indulgence, and I have a particular fondness for all things Kate Spade. I adore the girly touches as well as the quality of the products they sell. When my aunt was asked by a store associate if she wanted to purchase a warranty for her wallet, she simply answered that if the wallet fell apart within the year then it wasn’t a good wallet. And we both know the likelihood of that happening.  Needless to say, we continue to make purchases because we know the money is worth it.


This bag was the first one I saw when I walked through the doors and, after making a beeline around the whole store, I decided to purchase this love-at-first-sight item. I was just lamenting the other day that my closet desperately needed a black bag, a missing staple in my sea of black clothes. With thanks to the generosity of family members, this purse was a nice gift to my closet.

Now that I’ve had a chance to take it for a spin around Pasadena, I want to show off the things that I’ve filled it with. My must-haves vary with the size of the bag that I’m toting around, but these items are my usual essentials.


  • Kate Spade has slowly overtaken the contents of my purse throughout the years, from my key ring to my wallet to my travel makeup bag. These pieces have stood the test of time and I always transfer them from bag to bag.
  • With the move to LA, I’ve found myself reaching for tissues more and more (must be the smog). Toothpicks have also come in handy as we’ve been eating out at new-to-us restaurants and I inevitably get food in my teeth. The last thing I want is to meet someone new and strike up a convo with a green smile.
  • Now that the winter months are fast approaching, dry skin will soon be upon us all. I find that carrying lotion, a good smelling one at that, is beneficial to fighting off dry hands early on. Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte is my favorite fall scent and I get so many compliments when I wear it.
  • I’m never without a travel perfume or lipstick, both of which come in handy when I need to touch up after a long day of running errands or spending time with family. My compact mirror is not only cute, but functional: I can properly apply my lipstick after I’ve cleared my teeth of leftover food.
  • One of my girlfriends gifted me a S’well Bottle for my birthday and I adore it! It fits perfectly in my bag and it keeps my water cold all day. I’ve been trying to incorporate more water into my diet, so this bottle is perfect for when I need a refreshing sip.
  • Of course, hand sanitizer is important when you want to avoid partaking in flu season. I find having mine attached to my bag in a cute carrier a fun way to spruce up this essential item (not to mention, it’s a good conversation starter).

What items do you consider to be purse essentials? Feel free to let me know in the comments! And if you find yourself lusting after a new bag but unsure if you should purchase it, I’ll gladly be that devil on your shoulder telling you to go for it.

Until next time,



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