Birthday Treats

It’s been quite some time since my last post. This isn’t something I wanted to make a habit of, but I’ve been under the weather the last couple weeks with allergies and a seasonal cold, so I thought a little break was necessary. Now that I’m feeling recovered, I’m kicking my butt back into gear!

This coming Sunday I will be turning 24–a rather odd number, in my opinion. I don’t have any real feelings towards it, only that 23 was a pretty solid year after the nightmare that was 22. So here’s to hoping 24 brings good memories leading up to my golden year!

In the spirit of birthdays and overcoming illnesses, I recently decided to “treat myself” to a number of early gifts. This is something that I do for myself every year before I celebrate, but I can’t deny that part of the reason I do so is simply because I love shopping. And being so close to the holidays has me in the spirit to spend money. It’s a rather unhealthy habit of mine, but I suppose there are worse things to indulge in…


  • I really needed a new denim jacket. My current one dates back to Junior High (it still fits!), but the color of the denim is a bit off the mark. I wanted something fast and for cheap, so I went with this pick from Forever 21. I doubt it’s going to keep me warm on the coldest of days, as the material is pretty thin. But since I’m living in SoCal, where the sun almost always rears its ugly head, I don’t think I’ll have much of a problem.
  • While in Forever 21, I wandered over to the lingerie section and instantly fell in love with this emerald green bralette. I’m obsessed with all things emerald and all things lacey, so this was one of my favorite purchases for myself. And you can’t beat the price (under $10)! They had a really nice variety of colors, which I predict will soon be in my grasp.
  • Lush is one of my favorite stores. Like Abercrombie or Hollister, you can smell their scent from a mile away–except it’s a much more inviting experience. I decided to pick up an Avobath Bath Bomb, which smells citrusy and divine. I also grabbed a sample of the new Toothy Tabs in Miles of Smiles. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’ll keep you posted. They smell minty fresh and I’m all for a natural way to clean your teeth, so I’m sure they’ll be a hit.
  • I originally went to Sephora to pick up my free birthday gift (the Fresh Soy Cleanser and Rose Face Mask), but as I was walking towards the checkout line, I came across Besame Cosmetics. I have been dying to get my hands on their lipstick for months, but I haven’t felt up to the trek to their store in LA and I can’t muster up the courage to make an online purchase before I know if I’ll even like it. However, Sephora happened to have Merlot 1933 in store, the very color I wanted, so it was a done deal. I used my Beauty Insider points on a sample size of the Dior Maximizer 3D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer, so here’s to hoping that it works as well as its lengthy name implies.
  • At Topshop, I picked up a Heart Chakra pendant necklace and a silver ring as part of a buy one get one sale. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to locate either on the website, but the total for both pieces came to $7. A major score in my book.
  • My last find was a perfect chunky heeled shoe from Ross. I’ve been looking for a pair of heels that would work for everyday outfits without killing my feet, and these are my dream pair. I’m looking forward to taking them for a spin this upcoming weekend.


And there we have it for this year’s birthday treats to myself. This might be the first time it wasn’t anything from the Disney Store, but I’m rather satisfied that I managed to find a few items from my current list of wants.

While money and material items are not the sources of which we should depend on to find happiness, I do think it is important to do things for yourself often. Whether it’s seeing a movie, talking a walk in the fresh morning air, buying that outfit you really want, or reading a good book with a cup of coffee, you deserve to do something for you. Birthday or not.

How have you treated yourself lately? Feel free to let me know!



7 thoughts on “Birthday Treats

  1. Those toothy tabs were INTERESTING … after using them, I did the research and am glad to have them as a traditional and natural alternative to toothpaste. It is hard to adjust to the non-foaming texture, but they have a great scent and promote good ideals!

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  2. A beautiful writing as usual! And what a wonderful idea to treat yourself on your birthday! You have such good taste, handed down from grandmother to mother to you! Keep happy! Love you.

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  3. As usual Ciara, loved your writing. Glad you’re feeling better. And by the way…Happy Birthday! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already since we celebrated your 21st birthday together in Vegas!

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