A Walk Around Balboa Park

From the very moment I launched this blog, I’ve dedicated my time to making it look presentable. I know this is something I should have done before launching it to the public, but I’m impatient and I strongly believe in learning as you go.

While I’ve been making tweaks here and there from the beginning, I spent every day this week fine tuning and trying to finish “my look.” Yesterday, I felt I had finally managed to create the overall look I’ve been trying to achieve. The only thing missing? A new header image.

DSC_1055 edited

So I decided to get dolled up, grab my camera and my cameraman (Mike), and head to Balboa Park for a quick photo shoot.

We got some really great shots, with a bit of help from post-editing. There were three weddings taking place at Balboa yesterday, which led to the wedding parties using the great picture spots for their personal gain. I tried not to let this deter me from my mission, and we managed to still find some nice places to shoot from.


When it came to picking an outfit, I wanted something that screamed “Fall,” so I stuck with a color palette that had a lot of mustard and berry tones. Gold jewelry has been my obsession of late, so I incorporated my beloved Alex and Ani bangles, along with a layered necklace my mom got me last Christmas.

This shoot also provided me with an opportunity to finally break out my brand new Kate Spade cross body that I scored at a Vegas outlet for a quarter of the price! It’s a great size for when you need to carry just the essentials, and don’t want to tote around a huge bag. I also own a rose gold version of this berry-colored purse.

Kate Spade cross body | Alex and Ani Bangles | Charlotte Russe skirt


I topped off my outfit with a felt hat from Urban Outfitters and shoes from Steve Madden. Mike got these shoes for me a few years ago, and you can tell from one look that I’ve worn them too often. Thankfully, they’ve held up nicely and continue to be one of my favorite pairs of shoes.


Now that I have an updated header image, I feel content with my blog. Well, at least for now! I’m sure it’s going to change as I continue to learn, as well as observe what’s working and what isn’t working for this site. But for this moment, I’m satisfied. And excited to expand upon my fall fashion! Be on the lookout for more posts in the fashion section of Woven Words.

Have a safe holiday weekend everyone!






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