September: A Month of Possibilities

Today is September first, for those unaware or without a calendar. It’s the beginning of my favorite month and favorite third of the year. It’s also my birth month, the likely reason behind my biased opinion of September. Would I like it so much if I was born in April? Or in November? I like to think so, because with the coming of September begins our transition away from all things Summer into all things Autumn. And I think that’s pretty rad.

Enough time in the year has passed that I like to use this day to take a step back and look at what I had hoped to achieve thus far in 2016 and revise my vision for the remaining months, based on how things have been going. I ask myself questions like, “Have I stuck with the resolutions I made during the new year?” (No.) “Have I read as many books as I wanted to by this point?” (Nope. But working on it!) “Do I feel like I have grown as a person in the last 8 months?” (I like to think so.)


Back in July I could feel myself not quite living up to my goals for this year, so I treated myself to this beautiful Create 365 The Happy Planner that I scored with a coupon. I have always found planners and organizers to be motivating when I need a boost, but I usually buy the cheapest, most basic planner you can find at CVS. I thought a cute, well-sectioned organizer would get me in the mood to make the most of the remaining months, and it has!

My favorite part of this planner is the divider between each month: on one page you have this fill-in-the-blank chart that I use to define my goals for the month, and on the other page you have either an inspirational quote or a cute design. So far, I’ve found that I’ve been able to make better progress with my goals when I’m able to define them clearly. I’d recommend this planner to anyone, as it’s great if you need to revamp the way you organize or if you simply just love having an adorable planner in your life.


As for this September, well, I’d really like to make good on my resolution to read more. I’m setting myself a goal of one book a week to be read. (I’m currently reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and I’m loving it!) I want to continue to power through my list of things to watch on Netflix. I want to blog more. I want to start practicing yoga again, on a daily basis. And I really want to learn to let go of things I cannot change.

So at month’s end I hope to have expanded the horizons of my mind a bit more. And you can bet that I’ll provide an update in 29 days. Do you have any goals you’ve set for yourself this month? Feel free to let me know with a comment.

And happy September first, everyone!




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