Adjusting to Life with a Kitten

It’s been two months since I wrote about the adoption of our kitten, Nymeria, so I thought I would provide you all with an update! She’s grown fast before our eyes and this has given me the inspiration to keep a serial of posts on my blog about her life with us. I hope she will steal your heart like she has stolen ours!


She’s about four and a half months old now, and she received a clean bill of health at her last vet visit. Nym is adorable and she knows it! She eats up the attention when people are around, especially with my fiance and me.

Nym continues to sleep in our bed every night, as the second pillow behind the main one I sleep with has quickly become “her spot.” She follows us to every room and only ventures on her own when she’s playing with her mousey or taking a nap on one of the dining room chairs. She loves canned tuna and will always drink out of an open glass of water left out on the coffee table (she’s knocked over three in the past week, much to our dismay).


Our baby girl is only five pounds and is likely to be a very small cat when she’s fully grown, but she seems huge compared to those first few weeks after we brought her home. So many of my relatives have joked through the years about how fast children grow up before their parent’s eyes, and I think the same can be said for our pets.

At least once a day I find myself staring at her with wonder while I try to hold back tears. There are moments when she wreaks havoc around the house, particularly when we’re trying to sleep or do some serious work at the dining table. It drives me nuts! But those moments are so trivial in comparison to all the joy that she has brought into our lives. I can’t imagine what my life would be like now if Nymeria wasn’t in it, so I will continue to hold onto my precious time with her for dear life.

Here’s one last picture to tide you over until my next update! If you’d like to see more before then, you can follow my Instagram, where I post weekly about my fur baby (you’ve been fairly warned).




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