Caffeine Spotlight: Communal Coffee

After a morning of cleaning around the house in this unbearable heat, I wanted to treat my fiance and myself to a coffee date and I had the perfect place in mind.

Just a few blocks from our house is this gorgeous, new coffee shop called Communal Coffee. We walked by it numerous times during its construction and I had been anxiously waiting for it to open. A shop where you can enjoy a cup of joe surrounded by bouquets of colorful flowers? This place was screaming my name. It’s also located next to a plant nursery, so my excitement level was pretty high. Now that it’s open, I wanted to finally check it out!




We each ordered a cold brew coffee and then proceeded through the shop to a lovely seating area in the back. Right off the bat, I was surprised by how big it is on the inside. From the street, the shop seemed to only be half the size so I expected seating would be limited, like you’d find at a busy Starbucks. However, there’s a patio both inside and out, as well as seating at the bar. Although it was fairly busy, there were still plenty of options to choose from.


I probably spent a good ten minutes just soaking in the atmosphere. This establishment is an Instagrammers dream; from the plants, to the various types of seating, to the views of the outside streets, there are plenty of spots to capture a great picture. And we definitely observed many people doing just that (myself included).


I took my laptop with me, in the hopes of getting some blogging done. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and this is also where my positive remarks take a turn. If, like me, you need limited distractions in order to accomplish anything productive, then this is not the place for you. My fellow visitors were not the problem, as they mostly kept conversations to a minimum and were focused on their own work; the problem lied with the employees of the establishment.


Close to where we sat was a sliding door that led to their backroom. The baristas were constantly coming and going from this room, which wasn’t really a big deal, until several of them starting blasting Miley Cyrus’ “Party In the USA” on the other side. The shop already plays music for its guests, so you can see why this was an issue. I could care less what they choose to do behind closed doors, but playing music that could be heard by everyone in the shop seemed rather unprofessional and disturbing to the otherwise peaceful atmosphere. It was a major turn off.

My other issue with Communal Coffee? Their wifi network. So slow. Much of the reason for my lack of blogging success was due to the fact that none of my media uploads would come through. It was also a five minute struggle to connect to their wifi in the first place, which seemed like a waste of effort after it worked so terribly.


If you can get past the spotty wifi and disruptive baristas, you’d have yourself a lovely place for an afternoon cup of coffee. Even their food looked tasty, despite being overpriced.

While I don’t see Communal Coffee becoming a “go-to” anytime soon, I wouldn’t rule out occasional visits. After all, it is an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop to set sight on, with a welcoming vibe you don’t often find—goals for the modern day hipster.


3 thoughts on “Caffeine Spotlight: Communal Coffee

  1. Love your blogs! Made me want to go see for myself..sounds like a place for a great cup of coffee! And the atmosphere looks peaceful! I was never a Starbucks fan because it is just a place to get coffee….but you made this place sound so inviting! Thanks!

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  2. Looks like a cute place! You should give it one more try…if it’s the same, maybe find out who the owner is…they’d probably like to know why no one is coming back! Nice blog! Enjoyed usual!

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