Expanding Our Family

Well, we did it. After four years of talking about adopting a cat and dreaming of the day we would finally have a fur baby of our own, my fiance and I took the plunge and got a kitten. She’s a blue tabby, about 10 weeks old, and the smallest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on (ok maybe not the smallest, but she is tiny).

Now that we have had her for almost two weeks, I really want to write about our adoption experience and how we’ve been dealing with being first-time pet owners for those of you in the same boat that we are in. Or even for those of you who already have a pet, but need encouragement to adopt another–this is me basically telling you to do it!

Anyway, it all started three weeks ago when I was hanging out with one of my girlfriends and she took me to the San Diego Humane Society. She’s always trying to convince me to adopt a cat, but this was the first day I let her take me to see them at the shelter. And I was immediately convinced! That day was the first time I had ever seen live kittens before and I couldn’t stop fawning over their cuteness. I was sold on taking one home, but I wanted to wait for my fiance to be part of the experience.

A week later, we went back to the Humane Society and voila! We returned home with a kitten.

Meet Nymeria Tabitha!


What was our adoption process like? Well, it was easier than I thought it would be. When we walked into the Humane Society, we put our name on a list to speak with an adoption counselor. The wait for one to become available to us took a couples hours, because they aren’t staffed with many counselors. This amount of time, though, gave us the opportunity to observe the couple dozen kittens they had on hand. We had our eyes on a couple blacks kittens (the coloring I’ve always wanted in a cat), but when we were taken into the room with them, our blue tabby captured our hearts almost instantly.

Sweet, little Nym jumped into my lap soon after I sat down and hissed at the other kittens when they came near us. I liked her well enough at this point, but when the adoption counselor told us her name was Tabitha, I gave my fiance “the look”- we had to have her.

See, when I was young, we had a family cat. She was grey and her name was Tabitha, Tabby for short. My mom had her for almost 20 years and her passing took a little bit of a toll on everyone. I saw Nym’s original name as a sign that Tabby was giving me her blessing to adopt our kitten.

From there on, it was quick! We filled out a couple pieces of paperwork, paid the adoption fee, and took her home! The San Diego Humane society gives you a free bag of food with your pet, as well as a 10% discount off items at their gift shop. We bought her a water and food bowl and a mouse toy. My girlfriend and her husband were kind enough to give us their extra litter box and scooper, litter bags and kitty litter. We went home pretty much set! Of course we went out the next day and bought more toys, a cat tree, collar and name tag for Nym, but she really only requires love and attention from us.

And there you have it! Those were the basics of our adoption process and it brought us so much love and joy to our home. I honestly never could have imagined the feeling of having a fur baby, but man do I wish I had done this ages ago. The amount of love I have for this living creature amazes me every day!

Before I sign off, I want to leave you with a little list of interesting tidbits from the last two weeks, as well as another picture. Nymeria Tabitha is now a huge part of my life and I want everyone to get to know her!

  • Nym is named after Arya’s direwolf, Nymeria, from A Game of Thrones. Her direwolf is described as having grey fur and golden eyes, both of which Nym have, but we didn’t realize this similarity when we picked the name
  • She loves to cuddle! And play! She’s a very curious kitty, but will gladly lay on your lap when she takes her naps throughout the day
  • She sleeps in the bed with us, never on her makeshift one
  • We made the mistake of playing with her at 6:30 am the first morning and now she wakes up at that time every day wanting to play
  • I have numerous photos saved up on my phone of strange places Nym has fallen asleep, such as on the bookshelf, on her scratching post, behind the couch, on the dining room chair…
  • She likes to grab your face with her paws and lick you on the mouth. Yep, I swoon every time
  • I want to cry tears of joy when she uses the litter box. Proud momma right here!




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