A Fresh Start

New blogs are addicting. I find creating them to be a similar experience to buying a journal (I know that’s technically what a blog is, but bear with me here). You spend countless minutes exploring all the options, admiring the outside appearance before digging into the details. It has to look right. It has to feel right. It has to be able to speak volumes to what you are trying at most to convey.

I don’t know about you, but I am always afraid to write in a new journal after I buy it. The blank pages look so pristine and carry so much hope and expectation. I’m always worried that my thoughts will never be important enough to have earned the right to grace the white pages of the fresh journal I’ve just purchased.

That’s exactly how I feel about this blog, as well as my many blog attempts before this one. It’s both exciting and terrifying the prospect of creating something that other people will read.

My thoughts. On display for the world.

Wow, there’s a lot of pressure, but I sure hope that I can contribute positively to both the internet and the world, one way or another.

So here’s to my fresh start! Which I hope to be my very last “new blog, fresh start” post. I have so many thoughts/opinions on books, film, makeup, fashion, social media trends, travel, and just life in general. I have a yearning to share everything with you, and I hope you get enjoyment out of reading my thoughts (if not, that’s cool, just don’t bother telling me k?).

Anyway, enjoy this picture of a San Diego sunset. You can expect many more photos like this in the future, because, well, I’m pretty darn obsessed with sunsets.


Until next time,



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