Welcome to New York

Growing up, I always wanted to visit New York City. I visited family in Upstate New York several times as a kid and I loved everything about it, from the changing of the trees in the Fall to the fresh air to the deer that freely wandered in my grandparents’ yard. I always longed to … More Welcome to New York

Together in Paris

In honor of our one year Paris anniversary, I’m recapping our trip. In hopes that it will inspire you to take a trip for yourself one day. … More Together in Paris

My Hair Journey

For many years, I was the only redhead in my entire family. That has since changed (yay!), but it was a bit of a shock to my parents when I was born. How could a blonde mother and a brunette father produce a child with strawberry-colored hair? Well, of course I learned how in my … More My Hair Journey

Do’s and Don’ts of Disneyland

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been visiting Disneyland several times a year, so I’ve decided to put together a list of things I have learned throughout my visits to Disneyland, in hopes that people visiting the park can utilize as much of their time as possible. Whether it’s your first, third, or tenth visit, you deserve to make your trip a magical one! … More Do’s and Don’ts of Disneyland